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Use Music To Learn A Language

3 minute read

One hobby I've taken up during the quarantine of 2020 has been learning a new language. I've completed a couple language learning courses, but one free, self...

Resign An iOS App At The Command Line

2 minute read

Do you need to resign an iOS app due to an expiring provisioning profile or new bundle identifier, but you don't have access to the project files (.xcodeproj...

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Meaningful Word Count For Your Markdown

4 minute read

I love Markdown. I use it to write documentation, articles, and even email. But one issue when writing in Markdown is trying to get a meaningful word count a...

The Distractor

1 minute read

My reading material lately has been a mix of self-improvement and, unrelatedly, James Bond books. While I haven't learned anything useful from Mr. Bond, here...

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